360° Panoramas of In-Game Graphics from “Titanic: Honor & Glory”

Recently I have had the opportunity to try out third demo of “Titanic: Honor & Glory”, a gorgeous game under development by Vintage Digital Revival that recreates the historic ocean liner in stunning detail and realism.

I captured some 360° panoramas from the demo that show you just how realistic and gorgeous the graphics are. Here is a black and white panorama of the first class dining room:


And here is an exterior shot, showing the Titanic in its dock:


I highly recommend you try out the demo yourself. If you would like to create your own panoramas, I have made a YouTube video to document the process. The process should work for any game with a first person vantage point.

The following software was used in the video tutorial:

Advanced Tip: The method can also be extended to create equirectangular images, such as this:


The only modification to the technique described in the video is that the in-game footage is captured by sweeping from top to bottom while rotating in a spiral pattern.


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